Does Tea Tree Oil Help with Acne? Read this First

November 04, 2019

Does Tea Tree Oil Help with Acne? Read this First

When you turn to the internet for advice on how to get rid of acne, you will almost always see the term “tea tree” in the search results as a natural remedy in getting rid of those unsightly bumps.

And while the scientific world is still out to find the ultimate cure for acne (Spoilers: Sadly, we’re still at a loss), a lot of people are left wondering, is tea tree oil good for acne?


But what is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is derived from a plant that’s native in Australia, scientifically namedMelaleuca alternifolia. This plant has small, elongated leaves. It’s oil is harvested and used in Australia for almost 100 years for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Tea tree acne 01

Since then, tea tree oil has been sold in multiple parts of the world, especially in Europe, Asia, and North America to treat various ailments, including and most especially as a treatment for acne.


Can tea tree oil really help get rid of acne?

As mentioned, tea tree oil has been widely incorporated in many skincare products from cleansers to moisturizers. In its pure form, tea tree oil is said to be a natural antidote for spot treating acne and skin blemishes because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea tree oil versus benzoyl peroxide

When compared to benzoyl peroxide for treating acne, tea tree shows a promising result.

A small study in 1990 showed that tea tree oil is just as effective in treating mild to moderate acne as benzoyl peroxide. And although the latter produced a much faster result, those who used tea tree oil experienced lesser side effects with the treatment.

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This means that when it comes to treating acne, tea tree oil is arguably as good as benzoyl peroxide. Despite it working more slowly than the other, you still end up with lesser chances of dryness or irritation.

Other benefits of using tea tree oil on face

Another study reported that participants who used sunscreen that has tea tree oil showed some improvements in oil production after using it for 30 days.

Tea tree oil can also help tighten pores, and lighten dark spots.

With regular use, tea tree oil can improve the overall appearance of your skin.

It’s anti-inflammatory property is also effective in soothing itchiness and assist to minimize infections caused by itchy skin.

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How to use tea tree oil for acne

For acne spot treatment, a 5% tea tree oil should be applied daily for 45 days and used twice a day on the affected area.

You can also mix 5-6 drops into your moisturizer then apply on the entire face.

Viva Glow Green Tea Cleanser

If you want to supplement your skincare routine with tea tree oil but don’t want to take a guess work or just want to use it as a gentle daily regimen to minimize the occurrence of acne and blemishes, Viva Glow Acne Cleanser is the perfect gentle face wash.

Formulated with just the right amount of tea tree oil along with other anti-acne ingredients like aloe vera and oregano to effectively unclog pores and give you a fresh and clean feeling.

Viva Glow Vitamin C Toner

Follow it up with our Vitamin C Toner for a brighter, more even skin tone. This all-natural toner absorbs excess oil and impurities while Vitamin C helps to lighten dark spots, leaving you with a skin that’s youthful and blemish-free.

Are there other benefits for using tea tree oil?

Aside from helping with acne, tea tree can also help with other ailments such as:

  • Assist in treating eczema when mixed with a moisturizer or carrier oil
  • Improves the appearance and overall health of nails
  • Promote healthy hair and scalp by reducing dandruff, redness, irritation, and itching
  • Helps improve healing time in wounds caused by bacteria

Possible side effects

Using tea tree oil in its purest form is not ideal to be used on its own. Since it has a potent concentration, using tea tree oil alone in hopes of clearing up acne and blemishes faster may cause redness, hives, or rashes.

That’s why tea tree oils marketed for spot treatments are often mixed with other carrier oils to dilute its potency and make it safer for use on top of the skin and should be used sparingly in each application.

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Tea tree has been used widely in medicinal and health purposes for many years and with reason. Consider adding tea tree oil for acne treatment and prevention if your skin cannot tolerate the side effects of benzoyl peroxide.

If you’re looking for an all-natural skincare regimen to keep acne and oiliness at bay, Viva Glow Skincare offers a variety of options for you to choose from. Aside from tea tree, we use other acne-fighting ingredients to promote healthy skin.

Check out our Ultimate Skin Clearing Trio which includes our Acne Cleanser formulated with aloe vera and tea tree oil and our PH Balance moisturizer plus our Skin Clearing Mask with Activated Charcoal for a gentle exfoliation without irritation.



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