How To Get Dewy, Glowing Skin: in 5 Easy Steps

February 06, 2019

How To Get Dewy, Glowing Skin: in 5 Easy Steps

For most women, naturally glowing skin is important in portraying a sense of health and wellness. Most people with a healthy glow feel more confident and look as if they have a natural vitality. There are five elements which can work together to give your facial skin a healthy and glowing appearance. Read on to learn how to use natural organic face moisturizer to make your facial skin glow.



Cleansing is one of the first and most important steps in your procedure to revitalize and wake up the skin on your face. Cleaning gets rid of impurities, toxins, surface dirt and grime from your skin. Our facial cleansers are natural and also contain antioxidants and nutritive elements, as well as firming agents. Viva Glow products never dry the skin and don't leave any residue.



Even when you practice daily cleansing, your skin will gradually build up an accumulation of whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cells. The exfoliation process removes this layer of debris in order to reveal the younger, clearer and fresher skin cells under the layer of rough, old and dulled skin. Viva Glow natural facial masks gently exfoliate and is especially valuable to those with dry or sensitive skin.



After you have removed the old layer of cells through a good exfoliation process, you will need a good moisturizing toner in order to re-balance the pH of the skin. This product performs several functions, including closing the pores, hydration, refreshing the skin and removing any leftover make-up residue from the skin. As with other parts of the regimen, pick products which are specially created to match skin type.



Take advantage of a soothing and tightening face mask like our Charcoal mask cream to rejuvenate your skin. A good mask takes only a few minutes and is effective in firming sagging skin, tightening facial pores and providing an instant glow to your skin.



The final step in your glow-inducing beauty regimen is moisturizing. Your skin cells must be provided with any lost moisture, as well as the right nutrients, in order to keep it healthy, soft, supple and glowing. Using natural moisturizersmeans there are no added toxic ingredients which can be harmful or drying to the skin. The best all-natural face moisturizer doesn't dry your skin. Instead, it reverses any harmful and drying effects which facial skin may have suffered from environmental causes, or others. 


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