October 25, 2018


Face toners have been the subject of much debate over the years. Some say you need them while others just shrug it off as nothing but a marketing ploy by the skincare industry.

So what’s the real score about face toners and do you really need them to make  solid skincare routine?

What does a face toner do?

A face toner’s main purpose is to restore your skin’s natural PH level right after cleansing. Toners add a dose of hydration to the skin that may have been stripped by your cleanser. 

So it turns out, this may just be what’s missing in your skincare cabinet all along. This is especially true for someone who has oily or acne-prone skin because of its ability to dislodge sebum and other impurities from pores preventing breakouts.

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Why is toner important for skin?

There are a lot of great things toners can do for the skin beyond just refreshing and rebalancing the Ph level. Here are a few more:


Toners help deeply cleanse skin

While you may have a great face cleanser in your skincare cabinet, it wouldn’t hurt to further cleanse skin in a way that it will not be stripped off its natural moisture. Some toners are designed to supplement your cleansing regimen by gently doing a double-take over your skin to pick up on impurities that the cleanser may have left behind.


Toners tighten pores giving your skin a smoother texture

Let’s get one thing straight: Our pores do not “open and close” the way we were taught to believe. 

Instead, they dilate when a combination of excess oil and dead skin cells block the opening.

In order to address that, toners (and cleansers or exfoliants) unclog those openings by removing the buildup so your pores contract to their normal size. That’s what gives your skin a smoother, more refined texture.


Toners slough away dead skin cells 

Using a cotton pad or cotton ball to apply toners help remove dead skin cells helping skin to regenerate a new layer faster.


Toners moisturize the skin

Many toners have emollient properties which help hold moisture in your skin. Some come in the form of lotions while others include natural oils.

This type of toner is great for those with dry skin as it not only hydrates skin but also tops up on the moisturizer that will follow.


Toners add an extra layer of protection

Your skin serves as a barrier against environmental stress and fights against damage.

Adding toners to your skincare routine increases your skin’s defenses and fortifies it to maintain skin’s clarity and youthfulness.

It also injects some much needed nutrients into the skin to keep it healthy and soft. 


Toners add a boost of hydration especially during travel

Fun Fact:  The low humidity level in planes can be drying to the skin. 

So, it’s advisable to moisturize your skin before boarding to ensure it stays hydrated. While on the plane, spritzing some toner on your face rather than using a moisturizer helps to quickly boost hydration and refresh your skin without the hassle.


Toners prepare your skin to more effectively absorb your next skincare products

Your skin is more receptive to products while it’s moist. Toners prepare the skin by keeping it at the right moisture level before you apply your serum, mask, oil, or moisturizer.

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The Value-Added Benefits of Choosing a Natural Toner

Toners are good in and of itself, but being able to make a conscious effort to choose a natural face toner gives some added benefits you may or may not have known beforehand.


Guaranteed safe and free from harmful chemicals

In the past, toners are laced with alcohol and added with preservatives that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. Even to this day, there are still some toners in the market that may be using ingredients that we don’t want to put on our skin.

And while it’s true that there are alcohols and natural preservatives that won’t dry out or breakout the skin, why would you take the risk?

Choosing a natural toner for face cuts down your research time because all you get is guaranteed safe for your skin.


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Environmentally Friendly

Natural Toners are free from petroleum-based ingredients that can cause harm to the environment. In addition, some natural skin care products use high-quality organic ingredients free from pesticides and herbicides, keeping the flora and fauna in the area safe for all living creatures.


It’s a considerably healthy option

Using natural toners removes your exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients that you don’t want in and on your body. 

Our selection of toners are formulated only with safe quality ingredients and devoid of phthalates, paraben, and other chemicals that can cause skin and health issues.


Accommodates sensitive skin

While there are natural ingredients that may cause irritation or allergic reactions to sensitive skin, using a natural toner for the face is still a much better option because it uses less ingredients and therefore is less likely to aggravate the skin. 


How to choose natural face toner?

In the reformulated versions of toners seen on the marketplace today, you can pinpoint a toner that matches with your exact skin type.

It is important to choose toners that are right for you, so as to not overdry the skin.

Skincare experts recommend using toners as an added boost for cleansing and product absorption.

The rule of thumb is to apply a toner, preferably a natural one, within a 60-second span of washing your face.

You can buy natural and organic skincare products online by visiting our shop to browse the perfect toner that will cater to your every skin goals.



If you have: Dry, Oily, Mature, or Combination Skin

Rosewater Face Toner

Our Rosewater Toner is great for any skin type (unless you are allergic to rosewater). It has a mild natural fragrance that will refresh your skin and soul with every spritz. It can help soothe irritation and redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Its calming scent and refreshing texture gives an instant pick-me-up after a long day under the sun. 

You can buy this face toner online by visiting our collections page.



If you have: Mature, acne-prone, or combination skin

Vitamin C Face Toner

This all-natural citrus goodness is enriched with essential nutrients necessary to help skin regenerate itself. When used overnight, it works with your skin's self-healing ability by increasing collagen production and fights harmful free radicals that can age skin. It gets rid of impurities lingering on top of pores and absorbs excess oil, preventing pimples and breakouts.


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If you have: The knack for makeup

Setting Spray

Does wearing makeup cause you breakouts? Do you want to stop hiding your acne blemishes and dark spots for good?

A great skin is by far the greatest canvas for your makeup. And while foundations and concealers are good for keeping those redness behind the veil, it’s still better to erase and prevent them from ever occurring.

That’s where our Setting Spray comes into play. It’s a toner and setting spray in one that you can use before and after makeup.

This beauty in a bottle not only keeps your makeup in place, it also provides the necessary hydration to your skin to control the production of oil to give you a poreless look.

The hyaluronic acidpacked in each mist keeps skin looking bright and youthful by injecting each skin cells with the hydration it needs to regenerate fast.It also helps fade wrinkles and fine lines and prevents your foundation from creasing.That’s a two-in-one benefit you get from using our Setting Spray Toner.


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Do I really need a Toner?

In the past, some toners, or skin tonics as they were called, contained large quantities of alcohol which can be drying and irritating to the skin. This caused some people to believe that toners do more harm than good and decided to skip it all together.

However, with many advances in the skincare industry today, we have seen a great influx of natural skincare brands offering high-quality and non-drying toners which actually offer far greater benefits and caters to many different skin types. 

Toners are highly recommended for prepping the pores for better absorption of moisturizers and serums.

In addition to deep cleansing any residual impurities left behind after washing, a toner will open up the pores for at least 60 seconds following use.



Incorporating a face toner to your skincare routine enhances your skin’s ability to absorb your skincare products. Here are a few tips:


Use your toner immediately after cleansing

If you haven’t heard of the Korean three-second rule of skincare yet, then you’re in for a treat.“Your skin is more receptive to topical actives when wet”  says The Klog in their website. 

The goal is to let as much skincare products seep into the skin as much as you can. By putting on your toner shortly after washing your face, your pores will allow more to penetrate through.


Spread, massage, or spritz

There are three ways to apply your favorite toner. Each of these methods do a separate job from one another.

Using a cotton pad (or cotton ball) to apply your toner helps remove impurities and unclog pores.

There are certain types of toners nowadays that are thicker in consistency and come in a bottle and the usual lid. For these consistencies, they are best applied directly onto the face by massaging using clean fingertips. Massaging allows the product to really get into the skin.

Then there are the liquid-type toners that come in convenient spray bottles where you can simply spray onto your face, allow to dry, and you’re ready to get into your next skincare routine step. 

No matter what method you choose, be sure to gently pat over your skin to really get that toner into your pores.



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