Top 7 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

September 16, 2019


Green Tea Health Benefits

For many years, green tea has been widely consumed by the general population, especially in the East. It has been coveted by many for a variety of health benefits, from India to China and Japan. They love their green tea. In fact, just step into a Japanese home and you'll definitely see a pitcher full of brewed tea on the table, ready for anyone who has a thirst for its benefits.

The Western culture has also recently jumped on the bandwagon, acknowledging the beneficial effects of this popular drink and infusing it in many skincare and cosmetic products.

Today, we will look at the many claims to fame that this humble plant can give and how it managed to make its way in the beauty world.

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7 Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

1. Green tea for acne

Green tea is rich in a certain type of polyphenols called catechins which are responsible for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps kill and prevent acne-causing germs and bacteria from thriving in your skin. 

Thanks to those anti-inflammatory properties, green tea can help soothe acne-prone skin, leading to clearer, fresher, and more beautiful skin with every use. 


2. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties

Free radicals are responsible for damaging our skin’s DNA which makes it look dull and lifeless. 

The antioxidant properties of green tea help prevent these harmful free radicals from damaging the skin. It also helps keep your skin calm and banishes irritation and redness leaving your skin nice and even-toned.

Drinking green tea also reduces inflammation in your body that can bring on chronic illnesses and diseases. Using it on your skin yields anti-inflammatory results as

well since it can soothe irritated skin, particularly skin that is prone to breakouts.   


3. Green tea and skin aging

Aside from catechins, green tea is also rich in Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E. These vitaminsare important in keeping your skin healthy. 

While Vitamin B2 is responsible for making sure you have enough collagen levels to keep skin firm and supple, Vitamin E helps in growing skin cells and boosting your moisture levels.

Green tea also contains epigallocatechin or EGCG which is a potent antioxidant that is effective in the reproduction process of skin cells that turn dull skin radiant.

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4. Green tea and the skin around your eyes

Tired, puffy eyes with dark circles aren’t becoming on anyone. Using Green teaon your face helps reduce puffiness, alleviate fatigue, and even out the skin tone underneath your eyes to give them a revitalized and refreshed look, even if you haven’t gotten enough sleep.   

Much like coffee, green tea also contains caffeine that's good for reducing the look of dark circles and minimize puffiness around the eye area.

Caffeine in green tea does it by shrinking the blood vessels around the eyes. When applied on top of the skin, it can give your eyes some instant relief. 

So don’t throw that bag of tea away after you’ve made yourself a nice cuppa. Pop it in the fridge for a few minutes and place on top of your eyelids for a quick relaxing treat your tired shutters are going to thank you for.


5. Green tea and skin cancer

The polyphenols present in green tea not only has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. But it also has anti-carcinogenic properties.

According to a study in 2003, these green tea polyphenols have the ability to prevent solar UVB light-induced skin disorders including skin cancer.


6. Green tea and oily skin

Green tea also has the benefit of minimizing oil production on the skin, thanks to the tannin present in every leaf. It doesn’t just take away excess oil. It does much more by controlling the amount of oil produced in your pores.

That’s the reason why it’s the active ingredient in our Green Tea Cleanser. This natural face cleanser is highly recommended for people whose pores need some oil control. It leaves a fresh and relaxing scent that will calm you and your skin after every wash.


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7. Green tea and pores

It’s one of the green tea skin benefits we need to know about. Since green tea is a natural astringent, it helps clean and minimize the look of pores by sloughing away dirt, oil, and dead skin that may have built up and then tightening them to prevent dirt from getting in. The result is less visible and cleaner pores that’s a perfect canvas for your makeup (if you ever wear any).

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Incorporate Green Tea to Your Skincare Routine

While using green teato cleanse your skin has plenty of benefits, we’ve gone and taken it a step further by creating our natural, organic formulation with other beneficial ingredients to give you a delightful and effective cleansing experience so you can achieve a youthfully-refreshed glowing skin. 

Apart from green tea, white tea extract also has plenty of antioxidants in it, while vitamin A serves to slow down the signs of aging, protect against UV ray damage, and stimulate fibroblasts in your skin which keeps your skin firm and full of bounce. 

With neem oil for safe, effective, and natural acne treatment, our cleanser is exactly what you need to have a clear, smooth, and naturally refreshed skin.

A lot of things go into making skin look its best. A healthy lifestyle is one of them, but on the outside, what you use on your skin really matters too. Choosing ourGreen Tea Cleanser gives you a pure and revitalizing experience when it comes to restoring your appearance forbeautiful, glowing skin night or day! 


Green Tea Cleanser

If your skin breaks out a lot, our Green Tea Cleanser might just be your skin’s best friend. Using green tea for acne has been proven safe and effective for everyday use, and that’s why this cleanser is highly recommended for acne-prone skin.

Made with a special formulation of organic green tea combined with aloe vera to help keep your skin calm and radiant. Simply wash your face with warm water and gently massage a small amount to your face in a circular motion before rinsing with cool water to help reduce the size of pores.


Setting Spray

For someone who’s always on the hunt for safe and effective beauty products, our Setting Spray will do the job of holding your makeup in place while keeping your skin soft and hydrated. Its well-balanced blend of green tea, hyaluronic acid, and organic rooibos tea extract drenches your skin with moisture and nutrients to keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Viva Glow Green Tea Cleanser and Setting Spray

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Ocean Mineral Moisturizer

It has a lightweight feel that absorbs easily on the skin. Our Ocean Mineral Moisturizer traps in all the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to maintain a youthful, healthy glow. Apart from the green tea skin benefits, it's also packed with nutritious sea minerals and blended with organic aloe vera to soothe your skin and reduce swelling and irritation.


Charcoal Mask Cream

What do you get when you combine the skin benefits of green tea with activated charcoal and aloe vera? A deep cleansing treatment that your skin will definitely thank you for!

Viva Glow Charcoal Mask has a creamy consistency that cleanses without dehydrating your skin. It helps flush out harmful toxins and fights acne-causing bacteria from wreaking havoc on your face. It's also combined with the perfect dose of vitamin C and rosehip seed oil to keep you skin's elasticity plus help reduce acne scars and dark spots.

Ocean Mineral Moisturizer and Charcoal Mask

How to Use Green Tea for Skin

Here are a few things you can do to amplify your skincare routine using green tea.



Use Viva Glow’s Green Tea Cleanser to whisk away dirt, makeup, and other impurities and rinse with cool water.



Our Setting Spray can also be used as a moisturizing toner to give your skin a nutritious treat. Spritz a few times all over the face and wait until it gets thoroughly absorbed.

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How can you get the best out of green tea’s benefits for your skin? By using a nourishing moisturizer!

Apply a pea-sized amount of Ocean Mineral Moisturizer on your face and gently spread from your face down to your neck. It easily absorbs through the skin so you won’t have to wait a long time. Use it twice daily for best results.


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Exfoliate weekly

Best done in between work weeks. Energize your skin on Hump Day and in the weekend by giving yourself a nice exfoliating at-home spa session.

Apply a generous amount of our Charcoal Mask Cream to your face and neck and keep it on for 10 to 10 minutes.

Let the essence of green tea kill those nasty bacteria while the activated charcoal works its magic in detoxifying and clarifying your skin.

After that, simply wipe away with a damp cloth and rinse the remaining product before applying your toner and moisturizer.

There’s no better way to hit the sack than sleeping with a clean and moisturized face after a long day.

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We hope this gave you a lot of great information on the wonderful green tea skin benefits. Not only is it a great way to detoxify your body, but it also has a lot of practical and amazing benefits that make your skin look and feel amazing.




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