Amazing Benefits Of Green tea for the skin

September 01, 2018

Benefits of green tea skin

Is green tea good for skin? Well, Green tea has long been used in Asian cultures for better health, inside and out, from head to toe. While drinking it gives you access to a boost of antioxidants and helps keep you looking younger, using Green tea on face delivers truly incredible results that give you a new, refreshed and youthful look for naturally glowing skin.

 With green tea  as one of the main ingredients in our all-natural, organic formulation, we’d love to tell you about some of the many benefits cleansing with this green tea formula can do for you.     

Fights premature aging

Green tea contains epigallocatechin or EGCG which is a potent antioxidant that is effective in the reproduction process of skin cells that turn dull skin radiant.

Reduces inflammation

Drinking green tea reduces inflammation in your body that can bring on chronic illnesses and diseases. Using it on your skin yields anti-inflammatory results as
well since it can soothe irritated skin, particularly skin that is prone to breakouts.                                                                                   
Benefits of green tea skin


Protects skin cells for ageless appearance

Green tea contains special antioxidant called catechins that are supremely powerful in fighting the signs of aging. Catechins have the power to restore dying skin cells to help keep skin from showing signs of aging from wrinkles to dark spots and everything in between to give you the kind of glowing skin you dream of.

Leaves skin clearer

Thanks to those anti-inflammatory properties, green tea can help smooth and soothe acne-prone skin. It’s also antimicrobial so it helps destroy the bacteria that causes acne, leading to clearer, fresher, and more beautiful skin with every use. 

Reduces puffiness

Tired, puffy eyes with dark circles aren’t becoming on anyone. Using Green teaon face helps reduce the puffiness, alleviate the fatigue, and even out the skin tone underneath your eyes to give them a revitalized and refreshed look, even if you haven’t gotten enough sleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

While using green tea to cleanse your skin has plenty of benefits, we’ve gone and taken it a step further by creating our natural, organic formulation with other beneficial ingredients to give you a delightful and effective cleansing experience to achieve youthfully-refreshed glowing skin. White tea extract also has plenty of antioxidants in it, while vitamin A serves to slow down the signs of aging, protect against UV ray damage, and stimulate fibroblasts in your skin which keep your skin firm and full of bounce. With neem oil for safe, effective, and natural acne treatment, our cleanser is exactly what you need to have soothed, smoothed, refreshed, and clear skin.
Benefits of green tea skin

A lot of things go into making skin look its best. A healthy lifestyle is one of them, but on the outside, what you use on your skin really matters too. Choosing our green tea cleanser gives you a pure and revitalizing experience when it comes to restoring your appearance for beautiful, glowing skin night or day! 

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