The Main Benefits of Using Natural Toners | Organic Skincare Products Online Store

October 25, 2018

The Main Benefits of Using Natural Toners | Organic Skincare Products Online Store

At Viva Glow, we believe that no makeup routine is complete without a toner.

Most, if not all, makeup artists share this opinion.

Our difference, though, is that you can buy organic and natural skincare products online in store - complete with various lines of toners that fit your skin type like a glove - and all without harmful chemicals.  

What Do Toners Do?

Not too long ago, skincare experts warned against using toners due to their high alcohol content. Many were manufactured with a one-size-fits-all approach, which ultimately led to excessive dryness and irritation in users without acne-prone or oily skin.

New crops of toners are now available, however, that are reformulated for use on various skin types.

The ultimate benefit of including a toner to your beauty routine is getting ultra-cleansed skin.

The end result is a soft, glowing, and dewy-looking skin. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Why Do I Need to Use One?

Toners are popular because these skincare products deep cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Some other advantages include:

  • Toners Shrink Pores |
  • Toners Slough Away Dead Skin Cells |
  • Toners Stabilize pH Imbalances |
  • Toners Hydrate and Moisturize the Skin

How Toners Prep Skin to Better Absorb Any Products Applied Afterwards

Toners are highly recommended for prepping the pores for better absorption of moisturizers and serums.

In addition to deep cleansing any residual impurities left behind after washing, a toner will open up the pores for at least 60 seconds following use.

How Toners Cleanse and Purify Pores

In the reformulated versions of toners seen on the marketplace today, you can pinpoint a toner that matches what your exact skin type.

For example, if you have oily skin, you can choose one that absorbs oil. If you have dry skin, rosewater toners are highly recommended to increase hydration.

It is important to choose toners that are right for you, so as to not overdry the skin.

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Skincare experts recommend using toners as an added boost for cleansing and product absorption.

The rule of thumb is to apply a toner, preferably a natural one, within a 60-second span of washing your face.

You can buy natural and organic skincare products online at Viva Glow, including Vitamin C toners, rosewater toners, moisturizing toners, and other hybrids of setting sprays.

Buy Organic and Natural Skincare Products Online Store

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