Ocean Mineral Moisturizer


This lightweight  Moisturizer replenishes the skin with moisture and vital nutrients. Powerful antioxidants,nutrient-rich sea minerals, trace minerals, and vitamins nourish the skin, restores firmness and elasticity to rejuvenate your skin. Ginseng root extract tone and brighten, while Vitamin E hydrates and protects skin from premature aging. Leaves your skin Vibrant and glowing.


   • Nourishes the skin

   • Stimulates collagen and restores elasticity

   • Lightweight and Hydrating

Key Ingredients

Sea Minerals hydrates and moisturizes,reduces skin inflammation and softens skin

Organic Green Tea extract high content of polyphenols possess potent antioxidant and skin soothing properties. Reduce irritation and swelling. Improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin

Organic Aloe Vera provides intense hydration, controls oiliness, fights blemishes, and reduces skin irritations.


After cleansing face, apply all over face and neck morning and night. Can be used under makeup.

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