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Honey Sugar Scrub


Indulge in a delicious treat for your skin with this non-oily wholesome sugar scrub.  Honey helps deliver potent healing properties to nourish the skin. Grapeseed oil penetrate the skin to remove dirt and impurities. This scrub conditions skin and leave it smooth and soft.


   • Gently exfoliate and moisturize

   • Nourishes the skin

   • Non-oily, smoothes and softens

Key Ingredients

Natural sugar in the form of honey enzymes, Pumice, Grapeseed oil


Use asmall amount in circular motions on face and/or body for gentle exfoliation. Can use with fingertips or with cloth.  Rinse off with warm water. Can be washed off with a foaming cleanser or simply pat skin dry and follow with one of our moisturizers.

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